Local Businesses Need Help Getting Google Reviews For Business

Both locals and tourists use Google to find businesses in the area, simply because it is much easier to find what they need using their phones compared to walking or driving around the city. This is a feature that serves both businesses and customers, as companies connect with new clients and the customers can find what they need. But searching online, like looking for restaurants, can be tricky as well because people do not really know how good the place truly is. This is why the reviews feature of Google is extremely handy.

Feedback from other customers have always influenced people in choosing which store to go to, and online reviews have simply made it easier for them to find out what others have to say about a specific business.

Why Small Businesses Should Care About Their Reviews

Smaller companies have to compete with well-known ones that have bigger consumer bases and marketing budgets. But they have a chance to compete when they can boast of a satisfied client base. They should never underestimate the power of positive feedback, as other potential clients will certainly be swayed when they hear good things about a business.

In fact, simply having a Google business page will make a business more trustworthy, and when they include important information like telephone number or website, customers can find out what products or services are being offered. Small businesses that cannot roll out a full SEO strategy can at least focus on their Google business page and reviews. They can still see advantages in their sales because they will rank higher on searches.

Great reviews will also be more convincing to potential customers. Even way back in 2014, studies have already shown that 88% of customers put the same amount of trust on online reviews as they do on personal recommendations.

How Businesses Can Get Reviews

  1. Get Your Small Business Verified On Google

This is an easy step, but it is also an important one. When you verify your business, you confirm that the information on your business is correct, including contact information, location, and operating hours. This step is important to be able to answer reviews. It will also prevent others from claiming your business and changing the information. Moreover, you can add pictures and other information to increase the business’ online presence and make the business considered reputable.

  1. Ask For Customer Reviews

Lots of customers like to share how their experiences were, even if they have to do it online. It is a great idea to ask for their review immediately after their purchase when their impressions are still fresh and they are satisfied. In fact, happy clients are willing to leave good reviews, you just need to ask them.

  1. Put A Link To Google Reviews On Your Website

You can put a button on your website that will bring potential customers to the business’ review page. This also makes it easier for existing clients to leave their positive reviews.

  1. Show That Your Are On Google

In your physical store or shop, you can put a physical sign that will show that your small business can be found on Google and that reviews can be left there.

  1. Respond To Reviews

At times, some customers will not be satisfied and will leave bad reviews. Every business should not leave them unattended as this can reflect negatively on them. Offer to find a solution that can try to make up for their unpleasant experience but make sure that you never get into an argument with a customer online. If you suspect that the negative review was written by a competitor, you may contact Google to have it removed.

Positive reviews should also be responded to, even just leaving a simple thank you. Doing so also gives a very good perception of the business as caring for customers enough to answer.

Utilize The Google Reviews Feature

Google Reviews For My Business will not just improve your sales, but will also help you make your small business better. There is certainly much to be learned from what customers say about you, specifically what you can still improve on. More importantly, small businesses can use them to build trust with other potential clients and build up their consumer base.